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-Dyslexia in the workplace: – seeing differently. How do we capitalise on all the talents?  

-Discovering Dyslexia: Do you want to know more about dyslexia or how to support someone who is neurodiverse? Get information and tickets here  for our upcoming online seminar.

Dyslexia in the workplace – seeing differently

“My boss is an absolute strategic genius when it comes to planning a merger or a takeover – but his reports are illegible and he can’t spell to save his life.”  How many times have you heard that in the workplace?  Back in the day, before computers made typists of us all, the ability to record or dictate material and leave it to the editorial skill of a good assistant meant that most workplace dyslexia went unnoticed.  We only noticed the strategic genius.  The rise of the laptop removed that filter and made it easy to see – and sneer at – the poor writing and spelling of some people with dyslexia. 

There is another side to this:  “How can you not see how this fits together?  Can’t you see the consequences of this policy?  It’s simple!”  This is often the reaction of someone with dyslexia who is not limited to linear thinking, and is thus able to arrive at the right conclusion so much faster – the contrast between parallel and linear mental processing.

This is only one aspect of the collision of perspectives and the mutual shaming that can happen between people with and without dyslexia.  They see things differently, and cannot understand how the other cannot see as they do.  The truth is, both perspectives are essential to a growth culture, and unless we can appreciate and harness the full range of abilities colleagues bring to the table, we are wasting talent.

So how do we see differently?  We shall be discussing this at our Zoom event Discovering Dyslexia on May 17th, (find us on Eventbrite or click here for tickets and information) or contact us on