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Reflective Thinking – what is it, and why do we need it?

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your staff and organization, Reflective Thinking is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of maintaining staff wellbeing and avoiding ‘churn’.  This is particularly true of organisations having to deal with difficult clients or students, where problems become ‘snagged’ in staff and end up being taken home.  Reflective Thinking helps staff to ‘unsnag’ from issues, improving individual wellbeing and thus creating a better work environment.  Reflective thinking is for wellbeing teams, to help them understand how to move forward constructively.  It requires specialist clinical knowledge, not just peer group conversations, to help build an emotionally resilient culture within an institution.

When an organisation has difficult issues – for example with students or clients – it helps to think through individual cases in a group.  How might this be? 

  • All cases have a generic component to them, which helps others to think about their own challenging cases. 
  • By hearing others’ issues, you can begin to identify what is snagging you.
  • Understanding the snagging means that you learn to leave the problems at the door, not take them home with you.
  • You get a different clinical perspective and an understanding of the unconscious mind.
  • You gain the emotional language to match the interior world which is different from everyday language.
  • Staff acquire a common language which can also be used with clients or parents of students to explore what the difficulty is.
  • Unlike external CPD courses, having in-house Reflective Thinking groups builds a culture of expertise which stays within the institution despite staff movement.

To embed cultural organizational change, we recommend one to two per quarter/term, although one-offs can be accommodated.  Rafan House is offering online Reflective Thinking workshops nationally for groups of up to 8 people (more can be accommodated upon request).