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Rafan House Launches GP Membership

Rafan House GP membership: 

Helping medics avoid burnout is a priority for Rafan House, and the impetus behind our GP membership package. Members will enjoy enhanced care and assistance. The package comprises three areas of support:

1. Bi-annual workshops for all staff, at your surgery

2. Five annual 1:1 consultations with a Rafan House clinician

3. Specialist clinician telephone conversations*
*contact for details

Our membership packages enable us to be your complete mental health support system.  At Rafan House, we take  pride in providing a safe, clinically-governed space for our clients and patients to approach us at need.

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“I’ve had a longstanding interest in psychotherapy models of practice and what may be of benefit for both colleagues and patients,
but have seldom heard such a clear and accessible explanation of how unconscious processes laid down in early life can impact on future relationships – both inter-personal and professional” – Dr Marta Buszewicz