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Newsletter to Schools

Welcome to Rafan House’s school newsletter! What’s here? In this newsletter, look out for: – a short article: Teachers are the professionals – A look at the first week back to school for teachers.– a link to our recently-published book, The Cambridge Code – One simple test to uncover who you are.– A bunch of spring flowers! Teachers are the professionals … Continued

Teachers are the professionals in schools

But sometimes it is hard to remember that, with so much external pressure on them. Schools have been back for a week now, with pupils’ re-entry being staggered.  Word is that pupils are REALLY happy to be back, in the main, and so are teachers.  There are issues of course – pupils have to acclimatise … Continued

Ever Wondered What Psychotherapeutic Help Might Look Like?

People who need therapeutic help are often put off looking for it by fears of being locked into an endless process with a clinician they don’t like, or which is too expensive or ineffective.  But what should you realistically expect from a clinician?  This is something we are asked all the time, and something which … Continued

Benefits of Online Psychotherapy

There is absolutely no doubt that Covid 19 is proving to be a blight on our lives in so many ways, economically as well as physically.  It has also been a challenge psychologically for those already undergoing a therapeutic intervention and those who need psychotherapy as a result of Covid lockdown.  For them, the inability to … Continued

How Words Fail Us – Just When They Matter Most

We have all been there – the moment in the restaurant or café when the coffee arrives and ends up being accidentally tipped over us.  What happens to our emotional reactions in that moment?  For you, there may be a range of responses – from outrage, voluble anger through to mild irritation.  For the waiter, … Continued

Post-Covid Trauma and Resetting the Boundaries

Some people will already be in the thick of re-entry, and others will be facing the imminent prospect of Community Life After Covid.  It adds a whole new flavour to the phrase ‘Living Apart Together’, bringing with it a need for new boundaries.  And all this has to be managed alongside the (often unconscious) trauma … Continued

Back to work – Managing anxiety

Getting people back to work is a high priority for economic wellbeing at the moment, but what about the psychological wellbeing of staff?  Many people are expressing real concerns, not only about how they can work effectively and safely online, but about returning comfortably and without undue anxiety to the work environment.  Their concerns are … Continued

Reflective Thinking – what is it, and why do we need it?

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your staff and organization, Reflective Thinking is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of maintaining staff wellbeing and avoiding ‘churn’.  This is particularly true of organisations having to deal with difficult clients or students, where problems become ‘snagged’ in staff and end up being taken … Continued

Preparing for Re-entry post-Covid

Recovering confidence for going back to work, winning the battle inside and conversations about Covid Very soon, we shall be returning to some semblance of normality after Covid-19, and the ease of that transition will be different for us all.  How can we make that transition smoother? In psychological terms, during lock-down most of us … Continued

Safeguarding of Children and Homeschooling

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has heralded a period of nation-wide home schooling unprecedented in living memory and prompts the question, how can teachers ensure safe working practices during this period of uncertainty? In light of the current crisis, education delivery has made online educational resources a de facto reality for children, young people, their parents/carers and … Continued