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Rafan House In The Press

Rafan House founder, Dr Emma Loveridge, is featured in this month’s issue of the Marylebone & Fitzrovia Magazine. The emotional struggles experienced in January can often be more than a seasonal dilemma, driving the need for compassionate and discreet conversations within a professional surrounding. In this article Dr Loveridge touches on the pressures that the new year … Continued

Mental Health in a Corporate Setting

There is a direct link between an individual’s internal state of mind and the way in which they portray themselves in a corporate setting. This portrayal of themselves and the subconscious drivers between an institution, those in authority and a peer group can have an immense effect on the overall growth and development of the … Continued

How To Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is often described as feelings of unease, fear and worry. We all experience anxiety during our lifetime, when faced with heavy decisions, before sitting an exam or going for an interview. In these types of situations feelings of anxiety are completely understandable, as it is a natural human experience. It is easy to associate … Continued

Corporate Wellness

Today’s corporate wellness programmes focus on helping employees improve their health by creating clinical initiatives for physical health. Using a clinical benchmark that focuses on physical health are often the norm for corporate wellness programmes, as problems and improvement in an individual’s physical health can be easily measured. Frequently missing from corporate wellness programmes, is … Continued

The Internalised Parent

As a parent, sending your children off on their summer travels (no matter their age) can often become a source of anxiety. A euphoric and care free mentality takes over all of us while we are on holiday and our principle aim is simply to enjoy ourselves. For young adults who are unaccompanied, this can … Continued

Executive Stress

Executive stress is one of the key emotional problems facing those in senior management positions across all industries. Managerial pressure brought on by long working hours and difficult decision making under strenuous conditions can often lead to burnout, effecting both personal and professional life. Executive positions are defined by ambiguities and complexities which can often … Continued

Helping Children and Young People with Exam Stress

Exams can be one of the most challenging elements of school life, not only for children and young people taking the exams but for their parents and carers as well. Stress and anxiety are unfortunately, inevitable by-products of exams due to the excessive pressure placed on children and young people to perform well. However, mental … Continued

An Open Discussion on Mental Health

The perception of mental health is tainted by stigma and discrimination which act as the obstacles to a meaningful public discussion on mental health. Ending the stigma that surrounds mental health is easier said than done. The stigma around mental health pervades all cultures around the world, and starts with the internal belief that mental … Continued

Families in a Muddle!

Whether you are a consultant or a GP, there is no doubt that you will have had in front of you families in an emotional muddle. Sometimes there is a glaring mental health problem or external factors that trigger mental health problems such as divorce, redundancy, terminal illness or debt. But often it is not … Continued

A New Generation of Coaches at Rafan House

The government has launched a campaign to invest in the provision of mental health support in all areas of public life, most notably in the workplace. One of the most common mental health issues in the workplace is burnout. Burnout occurs when a coherent, functioning and successful adult suddenly experiences an internal collapse, which can … Continued