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Body Dysmorphic Disorder – A Psychotherapeutic Perspective

The way one is perceived by others and the need for their acceptance is key in the adolescent journey.  While many young people have a part of their anatomy that they don’t particularly like, or that they may want to change, the perceived imperfections don’t usually interfere with everyday life. But for those suffering with … Continued

Work-Life Balance – Taking Work Home (Homework)

Written by:  David Thomson You’ve had a hard week at the chalkface, a challenging albeit rewarding week; the commuting takes its toll; there are early starts and long days. And there is the pressure to perform. Still, some great things happened. Progress was made. You were pleased with what you did, trying to do your … Continued

Children’s Mental Health Week: 4 -10 February 2019

Children’s Mental Health Week 4 – 10 Feb “HEALTHY:  INSIDE & OUT” H – E – A – L – T – H – Y It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and this year’s theme is Healthy:  Inside and Out.  The aim is to encourage children and young people to look after their bodies and minds, … Continued

Remaining the Parent in Challenging Circumstances

Written by:  Ms Sonia Appleby  Holding the Parental/Child Space when a Child is Upset Managing the ‘parental space’ can at times require more effort, thought, empathy and patience than we may feel we have the capacity to impart. Most of us will well remember the immediate post-birth experiences of bewilderment juxtaposed to joy; sometimes profound … Continued

Burnout: The Impact on Family and Work

Written by:  Melody Hodge and Etain Case Burnout.  A word that’s synonymous with overwork, stress and exhaustion.  Symptomatically similar to anxiety and depression, it is often misdiagnosed as one or the other.  Rising burnout rates and increased discussion around the subject have revealed how omnipresent the issue really is.   In 2016 and 2017, 12.5 million … Continued

Occupational Burnout and the ‘Unconscious Family’

Occupational Burnout and the ‘Unconscious Family’:  The link between early-life relationships and workplace wellbeing Written by:  Etain Case Workplace wellbeing.  A prevailing topic swirling in the collective psyche.  It’s generated much press and public attention in recent years, and corporate wellness programmes are now commonplace in most British organisations.  They are designed for, and highly … Continued

Rafan House Launches GP Membership

Rafan House GP membership:  Helping medics avoid burnout is a priority for Rafan House, and the impetus behind our GP membership package. Members will enjoy enhanced care and assistance. The package comprises three areas of support: 1. Bi-annual workshops for all staff, at your surgery 2. Five annual 1:1 consultations with a Rafan House clinician … Continued

Need for Targeted Solutions in Children’s Emotional Wellbeing

Rafan House draws attention to this crucial issue during Children’s Mental Health Week The plight of children and young people suffering with emotional wellbeing issues is ongoing and pervasive. Undiagnosed childhood trauma can creep into adulthood, therefore early-age diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Although there has been significant investment in young people’s emotional wellbeing in … Continued

Rafan House In The Press

Rafan House founder, Dr Emma Loveridge, is featured in this month’s issue of the Marylebone & Fitzrovia Magazine. The emotional struggles experienced in January can often be more than a seasonal dilemma, driving the need for compassionate and discreet conversations within a professional surrounding. In this article Dr Loveridge touches on the pressures that the new year … Continued