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A New Generation of Coaches at Rafan House

The government has launched a campaign to invest in the provision of mental health support in all areas of public life, most notably in the workplace. One of the most common mental health issues in the workplace is burnout.

Burnout occurs when a coherent, functioning and successful adult suddenly experiences an internal collapse, which can be triggered by something like the death of a parent. Burnout has become a socially acceptable by-product of workaholism, but burnout is not just the product of long hours. It is connected to the workplace no longer being a safe haven. It is therefore no longer a distraction from complex internal conflict.

Rafan House can offer multiple pathways to help those suffering with work related burnout, stress or anxiety. For example, Rafan House offers a progressive form of coaching. Our inter-disciplinary trained therapists take a solutions- focussed approach to help individuals find the root cause of their issue, while helping them to continue to develop in the workplace.