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Need for Targeted Solutions in Children’s Emotional Wellbeing

Helping children in distress - Rafan House

Rafan House draws attention to this crucial issue during Children’s Mental Health Week

The plight of children and young people suffering with emotional wellbeing issues is ongoing and pervasive. Undiagnosed childhood trauma can creep into adulthood, therefore early-age diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Although there has been significant investment in young people’s emotional wellbeing in recent years, there remains a need for more targeted solutions in addressing the underlying causes.

The unconscious mind
More investment is needed to understand the unconscious mind and how disturbances in the developing brain can surface in later life. Current investment streams are predominantly targeted towards the treatment of existing issues, but more is required to understand exactly when and how these patterns begin to develop.
If the causes are identified early enough, there will be a substantial reduction in treatment costs further down the line, relieving the current strain on services that sees up to 100,000 children a year being turned away1.

Family provision
Family provision enables the clinician to pinpoint and identify the source of emotional wellbeing issues, by working with the family member who is willing to seek help, and gradually bringing other family members into the discussion. Early intervention is crucial on both a social, and an economic level.

Rafan House is a leading team of consultants offering integrated care for families, couples, and children. We seek to identify the source of emotional well-being issues within the whole family, as well as the cause of these issues in individual family members. Our specialised services include all areas of emotional distress affecting the family dynamic.

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