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Mental Health in a Corporate Setting

There is a direct link between an individual’s internal state of mind and the way in which they portray themselves in a corporate setting. This portrayal of themselves and the subconscious drivers between an institution, those in authority and a peer group can have an immense effect on the overall growth and development of the company itself. Therefore, helping every individual to become aware of and acknowledge the triggers within themselves that are hurdles to their own growth will help to remove the hurdles to growth that exist within the company.

“A company can only grow as fast as the slowest person in the workplace.”

Lord Price ‘Workplace Fables’ (Former MD Waitrose.  Business Minister, House of Lords.)

There are many different forms of ‘slowness’ including the much less visible subconscious tricks that the mind uses in group settings especially in the workplace. Our psychometric tool is geared to allow a far greater understanding than ever before of the enormous role these elements have on corporate growth.