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Helping Children and Young People with Exam Stress

Exams can be one of the most challenging elements of school life, not only for children and young people taking the exams but for their parents and carers as well.

Stress and anxiety are unfortunately, inevitable by-products of exams due to the excessive pressure placed on children and young people to perform well. However, mental health issues of this kind are often the biggest obstacle to achieving academic success.

For parents, the academic success of their children is important. However, it is also important to recognise when desires for success many unknowingly contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety.

To help young people during this difficult time Rafan House has put together some helpful tips.


The importance of exams and test results are emphasized considerably in the school environment. For some children and young people their self-esteem can be measured by test results. It is important to always remind your child that intelligence cannot be defined by exams alone, and they have much more to offer than test scores.

Talking about nerves

Encouraging conversations with children about their emotional well-being should always be paramount. During exam periods, reminding your child that anxiety is normal and felt by almost everyone will help them to better deal with this fact.

Focusing on their strengths

While preparing for exams, we all have a tendency to focus on our weaknesses and seek to improve them. It is important to remind your child of their strengths and previous successes to increase their self-confidence and promote a positive attitude towards exams.