Life, work, love and loss.

Making the hard decisions lighter.

Rafan House is a leading team of consultants offering integrated care for families, couples, and children. We seek to identify the source of emotional wellbeing issues within the whole family, as well as the cause of these issues in individual family members. Our specialist team of clinicians provide discreet and professional advice covering all areas of emotional distress affected by the family dynamic.


We understand that divorce is a traumatic time for the entire family, affecting each person differently. Certain family members might appear to be coping, but exhibit abnormal behaviours at school, or elsewhere. Emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, withdrawal or anti-social behaviour could add even more tension at home. Our highly-trained clinicians help couples, children, and the family as a whole, to lessen the emotional burden during this stressful time. Our areas of work cover:

  • Couples considering divorce
  • Couples hoping for reconciliation
  • High-conflict families (the family as a whole, as well as individual family members)
  • Parental arrangement challenges


  • Arguments, fighting, violence
  • Loneliness or unhappiness within the marriage
  • Mid-life concerns
  • Unfaithfulness, secrets, online addictions, problems with trust
  • Psycho-sexual difficulties

Family Support

  • Sickness – how a family members’ illness affects others
  • Fertility issues
  • Adoption
  • Financial difficulties
  • Intergenerational conflict

Adolescents and children

  • All areas of emotional challenges
  • Neurodevelopmental difficulties

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