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Executive Stress

Executive stress is one of the key emotional problems facing those in senior management positions across all industries.

Managerial pressure brought on by long working hours and difficult decision making under strenuous conditions can often lead to burnout, effecting both personal and professional life.

Executive positions are defined by ambiguities and complexities which can often leave an individual feeling as if they do not have a firm grasp over all of the challenges and opportunities which they are expected to.

This may lead to feelings of inadequacy or a loss of control whilst having to exude an appearance to the contrary.

When dealing with executive stress, it is important to identify the root or cause of these emotions and to ensure you have the correct type of support to help you work through these issues.

Whilst being overworked can be a catalyst for burnout, it is not its root cause. What we call the “unconscious family” is essentially the internal framework of the mind and can be triggered by an emotional life event, which can upset the psychological balance of the mind. Through the medium of overwork, mental vulnerability unconsciously leads to burnout and jeopardises the affectability of an individual in a managerial position.

If you are struggling with finding a healthy balance in your professional life, Rafan House is here to help, as we have a number of highly trained clinicians who specialise in this area.