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Does your child struggle with schoolwork? Come with your child to the Monday Club & Parent Support Group at our Dyslexia Discovery Centre in Rousdon on Monday evenings after school.

  • Years 5 and 6
  • No prior assessment required
  • Free snack Study table for accompanying siblings
  • First session free, then £1.50/session
  • Opens 25 September 2023
  • Children must be accompanied by parent/carer

There is more information below. Register your interest by calling/email us on

More information:

Dyslexia Discovery Centre

Children with Dyslexia can struggle in the classroom and with homework. They often present as being unwilling to read or write, or as taking a very long time to produce work, yet perhaps demonstrating great capabilities in the non-literary aspects of the curriculum.


We are holding a series of after-school Monday Clubs with parents’ support group at our Dyslexia Discovery Centre in Rousdon, beginning on Monday 25 September between 4.30 and 5.30pm.


Years 5 and 6 who have already been assessed as being dyslexic, or not assessed but where the school or parent thinks this is a possibility. Children MUST be ACCOMPANIED by a parent or carer during the session.

How does it work?

A series of weekly Monday meetings during term time. There will be a mixture of activities for students, and networking opportunities and information for parents/carers to engage in the process of discovering dyslexia and how to navigate the classroom. The first session is free, and subsequent sessions will be £1.50 for up to three sessions in total. An assessment will be made at the end of the period for future sessions. The sessions will be staffed by our experienced staff who are DBS-checked and very well-qualified.


The aim is to begin to understand the issues facing children and families living with dyslexia, to support them and increase self-esteem, and to build local family networks.

Why now?

Neurodiversity is not well understood, but society is beginning to realise that the academic system is more difficult for some than others, and that certain other skills are being under-served. We believe that children learn better when they have self-esteem and when the adults around them have more understanding of neurodiversity.

What is your role?

Teachers and Heads in schools are uniquely placed to see where there might be a need for this kind of service. Do please make this information known to your staff and parents.


We understand that it is difficult for parents and carers who have more than one child to collect, and siblings are welcome to have a snack and use our study tables whilst participants are having their sessions.


If you would like to talk to someone before recommending us, do email us with your telephone number on, and someone will call you back.