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Counselling and Support for Adoption

When you think of adoption what comes to mind? Families living happily ever after?


This is National Adoption Week and there’s no doubt that adoption can make the most amazing difference not only to the lives of the children being adopted but also to those adopting.


However, it is a long and intricate process to adoption with many hurdles to overcome, and the roller coaster journey before adopting is an emotional and challenging one for everyone involved. This journey has often involved a struggle with infertility. Infertility comes in many forms; physical problems, emotional difficulties, same sex relationships and miscarriages. The sheer range of emotions can be overwhelming.


Also, for others who have given up babies and children for adoption the impact can return many years later opening up old wounds.


Rafan House has an integrated team who focus on working with whole families to support them at whichever stage they find themselves feeling in need of help


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