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Corporate Wellness

Today’s corporate wellness programmes focus on helping employees improve their health by creating clinical initiatives for physical health. Using a clinical benchmark that focuses on physical health are often the norm for corporate wellness programmes, as problems and improvement in an individual’s physical health can be easily measured.

Frequently missing from corporate wellness programmes, is a focus on mental health and emotional wellness.

In comparison to physical health, symptoms of mental health issues are not as easily measured. There are limited tests and evaluations and symptoms are not as overtly apparent as physical symptoms.

Despite its difficulty to quantify more emphasis should be placed on mental and emotional well-being, especially in corporate settings.

Poor mental health and working culture on an organisational level can have far reaching effects within a company. If the working culture of an organisation is not properly assessed, poor mental health can lead to low levels of productivity and counterproductive work behaviour, high levels of employee absence, job abandonment and as a result low levels of turnover.

A good first step for organisations would be for employers to help lead employees to the realities of how poor mental health can affect personal and professional life. Offering mental health consultations as part of a corporate wellness programme may go a long way in promoting a healthy working culture and an organisation that is aware of mental health of its employees.

Here at Rafan House, we offer mental health consultations and have a team of trained specialists that can assist your company with promoting positive mental health.