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Children’s Mental Health Week, Day 5

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and this year’s theme is Healthy: Inside and Out. The aim is to encourage children and young people to look after their bodies and minds, as the two are inextricably linked. Over the course of the week we will be exploring this in more detail by attributing each letter in the word “healthy” to a vital component necessary for living a healthy and happy life.

Today’s focus is on the letter ‘T’, for togetherness.  Nurture and encouragement by their tribe to encourage a sense of belonging:

H – E – A – L – T – H – Y

Being with loved ones, bonding with others and feeling a sense of community is vital for a child’s wellbeing.

To be nurtured and encouraged by their tribe enhances the sense of “belonging” for a child or young person. The level of togetherness and ability for a child to bond with others is a direct result of the relationships they experienced in our first 1001 days of life. When children form healthy relationships as babies, they subconsciously carry these experiences into their teenage years as a way to bond with their peers and inform the level of ‘community’ that they’ll enjoy.


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