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Welcome to our January newsletter

Featuring: – Discovering Dyslexia: Do you want to know more about dyslexia or how to support someone who is neurodiverse? Get information and tickets here  for our upcoming online seminar. – Divorce month?  In the month nicknamed ‘Divorce month’, Rafan House looks at how to do divorce better. Divorce month? “Out with the old, in … Continued

Lifting the Shadow of Grief

To recognise National Grief Awareness Week, Rafan House is looking at how to lift the shadow of grief: Sometimes in grief we can feel thrown into temporary darkness and there is a shadow of the object that still remains within our mind of that person we have loved and lost. To recover from this grief, … Continued

Simplifying Stress

Stress or the feeling of being under emotional or mental pressure has a bad reputation in society. We are often told to remove it completely from our day-to-day lives. However, having stress is normal. Rather than trying to rid all stress, we need to focus on having good doses and managing the level of it. … Continued

Decoding Dyslexia

As it is Dyslexia Awareness Week, Rafan House is delighted to announce that we will shortly be opening a new Dyslexia and Neurodiversity Centre. Understanding Dyslexia Dyslexia is still widely misunderstood. It can cause many frustrations for parents, teachers, lecturers and managers who are trying to help. Those with dyslexic thinking are also left frustrated … Continued

Happy 10th Anniversary to Us

This month, Rafan House Harley Street celebrates its first ten years  – read on to find out how we started, where we are now and where we are going. Rafan House Psychotherapy Clinic began in Harley Street, ten years ago, with three clinicians and a practice manager; we now have a team of 25.  The … Continued

The Big Reveal

After our first post-Covid mental health week, how are our youngsters faring? I was struck recently by the number of teenagers who are still wearing masks in the street, almost five months after the government removed the recommendation on wearing face masks in the classroom in England.   Some of them may well be vulnerable, but … Continued

Q: “What is psychotherapy like?”
A: “It makes you feel better inside.”

If you have ever wondered what psychotherapy looks like through the eyes of a child, we asked child psychotherapist Dr Margaret Lush for her view.       “It makes you feel better inside” said John*, an 8 year old adopted boy, in response to his puzzled sister’s interest in what therapy actually is. At this time, … Continued

How NOT to take your work home with you.

You don’t have to be anyone else’s baggage handler. In some work situations, it is necessary to share a client’s burdens in order to understand their needs.  So, for instance, in cases of divorce and family break up, in disputes over children, or abuse, or bereavement, a lawyer or therapist might have to listen to … Continued

October Newsletter

Welcome to Rafan House’s October newsletter! What’s here? In this newsletter, look out for: – a short article: “Give sorrow words” – after National Grief Week, a look at what might constitute bereavement and coping with feelings after a loss.  – a link to our recently-published book, The Cambridge Code – One simple test to … Continued