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Back to work – Managing anxiety

Getting people back to work is a high priority for economic wellbeing at the moment, but what about the psychological wellbeing of staff?  Many people are expressing real concerns, not only about how they can work effectively and safely online, but about returning comfortably and without undue anxiety to the work environment.  Their concerns are valid, and even with good protocols in place, the risks are not yet entirely known.  It can help to have a forum for staff to discuss these issues and have input from expert clinicians on how to manage these changes.  What might this look like?

We offer online workshops and forums which help senior management teams and HR directors to look after their staff.  We have been running these nationally in groups of organisations or as SMT groups from a single organisation as 1½ -2-hour sessions and the topics covered include the following:

  • How to lower anxiety in oneself and in staff
  • Boundaries – what is acceptable?
  • Impact on individuals and families
  • Differentiating between – and coping with – real and imagined risk
  • Complaining or frightened clients – how to help them and shield yourself
  • Being clear on roles – institutional/individual etc
  • How organisations ‘hold’ their staff
  • Understanding what is not your job, not taking it home
  • Shape of the day adjustments
  • Mixing online and face-to-face working
  • Weariness and boredom with online working

The feedback from senior management teams has been very positive:  “Your intuitive awareness of what needed to be said and the rooting of it all in the mind was superb” … “amazing” … “I learnt so much and was reminded of things I had forgotten or have become rusty” … “One of the best training sessions I have been involved in”.

If you are interested in this kind of consultation for your staff, do please contact us at  The fee structure is available upon request.