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Adolescent Therapy In Harley Street

Adolescence: a time of swirling hormones, intense emotions and physical changes, during which we are discovering our adult self. This life stage is rarely easy for anyone. We all remember that awkward feeling at school, when we felt isolated from those around us or at odds with our friends and family.

For many parents, this is also a difficult time, as it’s when children first stake their independence. It can be hurtful when adolescents become sulky or defensive, and no longer want to spend time with their family.

There are also different pressures on teenagers compared to 30 years ago. Social networking might connect them with friends, but it’s also linked to bullying and low self-esteem. Teenagers are bombarded with images of how they should look, and pressure to compete with friends online.

Consequently, modern life has a tendency to make children grow up too fast. Common problems for teenagers entering therapy include: poor self-esteem and body image, cyber addiction, peer pressure, bullying and depression.

Many adolescents benefit from therapy, which helps them talk about common problems and learn to accept themselves. Here at Rafan House, we understand that life is a journey – a journey that is, at times, extremely stressful. If your child is struggling at school or home, our therapy could make a real difference to their life. Based in Harley Street, we are ideal for any family based in London.

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