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A New Generation of Coaches at Rafan House

The government has launched a campaign to invest in the provision of mental health support in all areas of public life, most notably in the workplace. One of the most common mental health issues in the workplace is burnout. Burnout occurs when a coherent, functioning and successful adult suddenly experiences an internal collapse, which can … Continued

Can a psychodynamic approach help couples?

A recent study undertaken by the charity Tavistock Relationships has shown that psychodynamic couple’s therapy does work. Our conscious and unconscious self is involved in creating an intimate relationship with another. We naturally make conscious decisions in choosing who we want to be with, but part of what is happening is the unconscious self recognising … Continued

Family Stress During the Holidays

  The holidays can be a very stressful time for everyone, however the holiday period isn’t inherently stressful but our perceptions are. The idea of a happy, traditional nuclear family sitting around the dinner table engaged in pleasant conversation dominates our perception of what Christmas should be like. This image however, couldn’t be further from … Continued

Rafan House – Counselling for Bullying

What is bullying?   The dictionary definition of bullying is:   Using superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something   The subject of bullying is very emotive for everyone involved. We tend to think of bullying as something that happens in schools and playgrounds and confined to children. … Continued

Counselling and Support for Adoption

When you think of adoption what comes to mind? Families living happily ever after?   This is National Adoption Week and there’s no doubt that adoption can make the most amazing difference not only to the lives of the children being adopted but also to those adopting.   However, it is a long and intricate … Continued

Counselling For Anxiety In Harley Street

Anxiety is a common but deeply distressing experience, and affects all kinds of people. It is best described as feelings of unease, worry and fear, and includes both emotional and physical sensations. Physical symptoms of anxiety include sweaty palms, trembling, dry throat, racing heart and feeling faint. Although it feels deeply unpleasant, and makes us … Continued

Counselling For Sickness In Harley Street

‘If you have your health, you have everything’, as the saying goes. So, what happens when our health fails? Whether you’re suffering from poor health yourself, or have a loved one who has a chronic illness, it can be a deeply distressing experience. This is especially true when someone doesn’t feel in control of their … Continued

Corporate Stress

So, take a 40 year old man, who comes to us through their company, or through a GP referral or, for example, through a cardiologist who cannot find a physical cause for concern. He has two children aged 6 and 9. It’s fairly common that there are no babies crying at home, life has settled … Continued

Adolescent Therapy In Harley Street

Adolescence: a time of swirling hormones, intense emotions and physical changes, during which we are discovering our adult self. This life stage is rarely easy for anyone. We all remember that awkward feeling at school, when we felt isolated from those around us or at odds with our friends and family. For many parents, this … Continued

Counselling For New Parents Harley Street

Welcoming a new life is often a joyous time, but it’s also a big life change. Many new parents find it hard to adapt to this huge transition, particularly when it’s your first child. It can impact your relationship in ways you didn’t expect, as priorities are shifted dramatically. You often feel tired, confused and … Continued